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Since we strive to expand the use of reusable carryalls, across retail types, below we headline how we plan to accomplish this.

For the boutique retail space, we are working to launch eco 'n chic, a premium brand of reusable shopping bags with unique styles that fold and can be carried in a purse, jacket pocket or briefcase and appeal to different personalities, lifestyles and financial status.

For the restaurant industry, where reusable bag-use can be logistically problematic, we will offer a line of i’m eco friendly certified compostable and true biodegradable alternatives. These bags have the same ease of use as plastic, but are made from potato or corn starch and biodegrade completely within a few weeks of being properly disposed.

If you have a store or restaurant and are interested in figuring out greener options for your clientele, please contact us!

We would be happy to help you!

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