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Our mission is to expand the use of reusable carryalls on a large scale, across retail types and without the sacrifice of convenience or style. Aside from our signature i’m eco friendly tote lines, that are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, we have our eye on slowing the flow of waste created by plastic and paper bags, by producing reusable bag options for restaurants as well as apparel stores.

Our vision is to be a “vertically green” company. One of the many ways we plan to achieve this is by fulfilling most of our business needs employing vendors who also follow sustainable practices. This includes but is not limited to our web-hosting, printing, shipping & manufacturing choices.

Our belief is that “green” should be the norm, not the alternative. Now more than ever, “Neither paper, nor plastic” can be every shopper’s answer.

Our endeavor is to provide a tote bag for every taste; so bookmark us, link to us, and please tell your friends!

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