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Our Commitment to being a Vertically Green Company

Lately, many companies offer reusable bags, many of which are made from recycled plastic bottles, woven polyethylene or nylon and/or other synthetic and petroleum by-products…

Even though that’s a step toward the right direction, and certainly helps by replacing one-use plastic bags, these items will still never biodegrade when disposed… (Plastic photo-degrades, breaking down to smaller pieces, but NEVER goes away)

All of i’m eco friendly™ products are proudly manufactured in the USA, using only natural fiber fabrics. Our entire product line is created from sustainable, truly eco-friendly textiles such as organic cotton and hemp—no synthetic fabrics, poly-web handles, or petroleum by-products of any kind.

We also actively seek a neutral “carbon footprint” in every way possible. Our web hosting is powered by 100% Certified Green Renewable Energy Sources (wind and solar). All necessary printing is done on 100% recycled content, 100% post consumer waste, chlorine-free paper using soy ink by a certified Green Printing Co. that is 100% wind-powered via Renewable Energy Credits (REC's).

Furthermore, we aggressively source green vendors to fulfill most of our business needs and actively promote their services to others. We encourage you to “vote” with your pocket book—by supporting companies that are as committed to the environment as you are.

We want to keep this trend going and are constantly on the look out for companies that share our vision; so if your business fits the bill or you know of a vendor whose services we could use, drop us a line. We would love to talk with you. We gladly embrace new ideas & are enthusiastic about making new discoveries.

Since our inception, we are pleased to note that local and national legislators have rapidly joined our path, confirming a massive shift globally toward earth-friendly practices. We are confident the green vision is on its way to becoming a reality!

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