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Shay Beider July 31, 2008
Green Gifts For New (Green) Parents
by Shay Beider

As a new parent there are some wonderful green products on the market that can make life safer, healthier and happier for our little ones. Deirdre Imus has written a Green This! series of books which includes a book called “Growing Up Green” that contains useful information for parents. Some great green gifts for a new family include…

These diapers are a wonderful compostable, biodegradable option. A little easier than straight cloth diapers and far more eco-friendly than the traditional disposable diapers on the market.

kalencom diaper bags
They make some eco-friendly versions. You can call them to find out more details and get specific information, on which styles are eco friendly.

seventh generation chlorine free baby wipes
Perfect for keeping the tushy rash-free and safe from harmful chemicals too! Available at Whole Foods and other locations.

oopsie baby clean up spray
perfect for those little messes and hard to treat stains. A wonder for the car seat! You can also find this one at Whole Foods or

weleda oil
Wonderful high quality massage oils and a whole line of healthy baby products.

natures sway baby hammock
Just like the womb! Infants really love these swings because they feel like they’re nestled in all nice and cozy and aren’t too exposed. There’s an organic version and they use all natural materials.

ergo organic baby carrier
Wonderful for the hiker in you or long days of baby wearing. Really comfortable ergonomic design that is much better than some of the more commercially available versions. Supports a correct sitting position for the baby’s hip, pelvis and spine growth, which has been a concern with some of the other carriers.

new native organic baby carrier
Just love this for walking around the house or going to the farmers market. Particularly wonderful in the early months when they love to be cocooned.

orbit’s green bassinet cradle
Orbit has a limited edition green bassinet cradle that appears to be very eco-friendly. They are also developing some new car seats that are more friendly to the environment. Shockingly, a report was released in 2007 by that shows the high levels of toxic chemicals that children are exposed to while sitting in their car seats.

baby’s here
Baby announcements made on recycled paper~ fun styles to choose from. They also have “thank you” notes as well as sibling and adoption announcements.

Enjoy greening the world for your little one!

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