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Niki Jensen April 10, 2009
Earth Day 2009
by Niki Jensen

Ah, April 22. 

It’s when Earth Day turns 39 and people everywhere will celebrate the planet with rah-rah gusto – everything from vibrant parades to green-tie galas and ambitious trash cleanups will be rooted in respect for our environment.

Though on this day eco-conscious folks from Russia to Rio will “bleed green,” I think Earth Day’s real power lies in its urgent message to those outside the international green club:  We must take care of the Earth before it’s too late.  

In anticipation of skimming eyes, I repeat:  We must take care of the Earth before it’s too late.  

I love how the big picture idea of honoring our terrain doesn’t come with a mandatory checklist that dictates what it means to be “green.”  To me, being green is all about viewing the world with grateful eyes and learning how to give some TLC to our giant sphere in small ways that work for you.

Eco-savvy is a mentality, inklings that can blossom into instincts when you begin actions as ho-hum as recycling or championing locally-grown food.  Soon enough, as it went with me, you may become addicted to the “Ahhh” factor of tossing paper and plastics into recycling bins or savoring organic cuisine sourced from nearby farms.

Running and hiking my way through Los Angeles is how I best keep the Earth – in all its palm tree and glistening ocean glory – in my head and heart.  It’s darn tough to toss Pinkberry yogurt cups on the grass or fight against renewable energy solutions when you value the beauty and vigor of nature.  And its resources.

I was delighted when Nikolette Orlandou, founder of i’m eco friendly, invited me to write this Earth Day ditty, since her organic cotton totes offer just another way we can carry an earth-friendly attitude wherever we go – punchy designs and functionality to boot.

This Earth Day, let’s challenge ourselves to appreciate the spaces and places that matter in our lives.  Who knows how far – and green! – a smidgen of thanks will take us.  

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