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November 1, 2008
“OM” Dreaming of a Green Christmas: i’m eco friendly™ and TRÜYOGA Studio Partner for Eco-Conscientious Holidays
Open House Featuring Unique Gift Ideas To Be Held in Santa Monica Saturday, November 15, 2008, 2pm- 4pm

October 21, 2008
MORAL FIBER: Sustainable Designer Fabrics Inspire Eco-Chic Online Shopping
i’m eco friendly™ Makes E-Commerce Site Debut Powered Exclusively by Wind & Solar Energy. Products are Made Entirely in the USA of Certified Organic Cotton

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We handpick a select few stories on hot issues concerning the environment, particularly with regard to the debate over paper, plastic or reusable bags.

December 6, 2008
Paper or Plastic?
San Diego's City Council is poised to whether to address that type of litter at its source.

November 6, 2008
In Mayor’s Plan, the Plastic Bag Will Carry a Fee
In its struggle to make New York more green, the Bloomberg administration has tried discouraging people from using plastic bags. It has taken out ads beseeching residents to use cloth bags and set up recycling bins for plastic bags at supermarkets.

October 31, 2008
Bottled water sales growth slow to trickle
Bottled water sales are expected to slow to a trickle this year, and producers are blaming everything from the parched economy to the kitchen sink.

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