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Organic Cotton “Transportation” Series

This luxurious certified Organic Cotton Duck textile has been dyed sustainably in these exciting new color hues we call “Avocado” & “Sweet Potato.”

Organic Cotton “Market” Series

Our bags are made of 100% certified organic cotton that is grown, milled, woven and sewn in the U.S.A., under fair labor conditions. 


Organic Cotton “Energized” Series

The certified organic cotton canvas fabric used for our black totes, is colored using low-impact dyes, while  following sustainable processes.

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Gift Certificates

Many of us feel confused and even conflicted about choosing gifts for a friend with a birthday, a significant other during a special occasion, or family members and co-workers during the holidays.  After all, many have everything… while others are hard to figure out.

We want to help you give smart, smile-causing gifts without breaking the bank.

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Materials we use

Our totes are made exclusively out of 100% certified organic cotton textiles. Colored fabrics are dyed with low-impact dyes following sustainable processes.

Handles are sewn out of the same-fabric; they are tucked and folded under the top-hem. Coming soon, we will carry a new line of hemp & organic cotton blend.

Every style bag has two rows of stitching across the top for added strength and durability. We use a "French" hem at the top of each tote, which conceals the top seam and allows the top to lie flat. All side seams are concealed and non-protruding for a finely finished result.

Our totes are elegant and durable at the same time, thus ready for heavy-duty shopping sprees!


Why Organic Cotton?

Conventional cotton is the second most pesticide-laden crop on the market, grown with some of the most hazardous pesticides around.

Organic agriculture protects the health of people and the planet by reducing the overall exposure to toxic chemicals from synthetic pesticides that can end up in the ground, air, water and food supply, and that are associated with health consequences, from asthma to cancer. Because organic agriculture doesn’t use toxic and persistent pesticides, choosing organic products is an easy way to help protect yourself.

Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. Organic production systems replenish and maintain soil fertility, reduce the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers, and build biologically diverse agriculture.

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